Free Ecommerce Consultation Sepanjang Ramadan 2018



Many people like to enter the business world with products that already have many competitors in the market. These products can be said to be in the red ocean market where it is difficult for us to compete. A price war is already happening in the market.

In the blue ocean strategy book, there are 4 ways (called errc) for us to transform common products into new products for the blue ocean market.

Eliminate – completely remove features or functionality in an existing product that are not important or not valued
Raise – raise any feature on an existing product in the market
Reduce – reduce any feature or function on an existing product in the market
Create – creating new features or functionality that no existing product has ever offered
With these 4 ways, we will produce a new product that does not compete with any product that is fighting in the market.

Products that we ourselves want to use

Personally, I prefer products that I want to use myself. Why?

Because we will understand the telemarketing lists perspective of customers who want to use the product
We will find it easier to target the right customers
It will give extra motivation especially when we start to doubt the business & product
Usually the product that we want to use symbolizes the struggle or in other words, the product that has a struggle.

Products that can show results visually before & after

We live in the age of social media. Nowadays, visuals, whether in the form of pictures or videos, become very powerful content to influence BTC Database EU purchasing decisions.

So a product that can visually show the comparison results before & after is very important (even though facebook does not allow advertisements in the form of comparison for certain products).

If there is a product like this, it is very easy for us to produce content and then we can reach the audience organically. We can use influencers to post content without having to use facebook ads.

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