6 Important Elements To Produce An Effective Landing Page


Before we jump to the simple ‘landing page’ format, you need to know. That there are 3 categories of website pages, namely homepage, content page & landing page. On this landing page, we usually focus on making sales or getting data from potential customers. Here I list the important elements. (1) headline an interesting headline is important to encourage. The audience to read more about the entire landing page we produce. If they don’t finish reading. How are we going to close the sale or get potential customer data from the audience? Make sure the headline is simple & relevant to the entire content of our landing page. It doesn’t have to be too long, 3-4 words is enough.

You can read the metro newspaper to get ideas for interesting headlines


Subheadlinesthe subheadline is a brief description of the advantages of the productservice you offer.

pictures or videos of customers using the product here you can make a video or demo of how your product is used by customers. It phone lists can give potential customers an early idea of how your product can solve their problems. Indirectly, increase the desire to buy to the audience.

For example, if you sell skincare you can make a video on how to use it & show the ‘glowing’ face effect as soon as the customer uses the product. (4) social proofsocial proof in english we call social proof. It includes customer testimonials, how many customers have already used your product, evidence of your product being broadcast on television or featured in the press. This can increase the confidence of customers to buy your product. (5) call-to-action (cta) don’t forget to create a cta button. I give some examples.

If the objective of your landing page is to get potential customer data

Create a ‘sign up’ button. If the objective of your landing page is for the audience to continue making purchases, create a ‘buy now’ button. Set only one objective so that marketing activities as a whole are more organized.

mobile responsive make sure your BTC Database EU landing page looks. Neat & easy for the audience to read the content in it when they open the landing page using a smartphone. The percentage of the audience that will view the landing page using a smartphone is usually higher than the percentage using a pc. Especially if we use social media a lot as a marketing platform to attract traffic to the website.

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