How to Apply Customer Journey Marketing Knowledge


At this lowest stage, the audience usually trusts and wants to try buying on our website.

Audiences at this stage are also known as hot prospects .

The audience in this hot prospect category can be identified through their behavior while browsing our website. Their behavior was recorded using the facebook pixel installed on the ecommerce website.

Among their behavior is like add to cart & entering the checkout page but not buying.

For this audience, we can continue to make advertisements in the form of hardsell or offer (to make it easier for them to make a buying decision)

We can build this hot prospect audience using the custom audience function for website traffic in facebook ads manager.

Facebook ads for hot prospects are definitely in the form of hardselling and offers (coupons).

To make it easier for you to understand, the full concept is as in the diagram below.

There may be some readers who doubt this concept

So I suggest you make an audience according to tofu, mofu & bofu above, then make a hardsell advertisement to the three types of phone leads audience with the same form of advertisement, the same copywriting using the same budget.

I am 100% sure & believe, the ad that brings sales with the best roi is the ad that uses hot prospect targets.

Challenge to scale up


The main challenge of this concept is, how do we want to grow the audience at the bofu level. In other words, increase the number of hot BTC Database EU prospects in the marketing funnel.

The theory is, the greater the number of hot prospects, the more sales will occur with the least possible cost. Right?

God willing, I will touch on that topic in my upcoming ebook, secret ecommerce funnels. You can register your interest below and I will contact you when it is ready.


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