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This will allow you to optimize sales , draw attention to problems with. Or allow you to intify and solve problems in the service process.  Internationalization If you sell your products abroad, the complaints handling system must not prevent you from doing so by. Limiting you to one language. Thanks to internationalization, all messages, templates or forms can be configured in the language of your clients your consultants will not have to translate them on an ongoing basis “on the knee”. The complaint handling program will tect the client’s language by itself and will send messages to him in the appropriate version. An that you should pay attention to is the ability to set any language and enter the appropriate texts.

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Thanks to this, you will be able to sell in markets with high. Potential but less popular languages , for example in Asia or Africa. ) Progressive queuing Malta Mobile Number List It is a way of assigning tasks to consultants, thanks to which they will not miss any complaint, and they will not choose which ones they want to al with (“pushing” more difficult cases infinitely to the end of the queue). The system automatically assigns a given complaint to a consultant who has no choice but to al with it. Bonus what to look for when choosing a system provir for handling complaints? You already know what features of the complaint handling program you will need.

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The way he provis the service. Does it provi cloud computing services ? Hundreds of thousands of pages have already been written about the advantages of cloud systems. Let’s summarize the most important – you save money – you do not have to BTC Database EU invest in stationary infrastructure; – you save on service – in the subscription mol you are provid with service and system updates by the provir; – you are inpennt of location – all you need is a computer with Internet access and your consultants can work from home, from a hotel or wherever they want; – you can velop without obstacles – systems in the cloud are easily scalable.

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