We Have Entered an Era of Business & Marketing Evolution


In addition, with the flood of products from china, many are willing to go to china to wholesale various products and bring them back to malaysia to trade. If we cannot afford to go to china, we can also go to gm klang or kompleks kenanga to buy wholesale goods that are also imported from china. This modus operandi is usually used by night market sellers across the country.

As the times have shifted from analog to digital, the way of marketing has also undergone an evolution from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

If in the past business people used mass media to deliver messages to the target market (which is expensive), now they start using facebook ads, google adwords, & email marketing (and many more) for the same purpose at a much cheaper cost (as cheap as rm10 a day) ).

But not everything is beautiful. It’s true that digital evolution has made it easy for anyone to start a business with minimal costs.

But this age is also the most difficult age to get people's attention

In 1970, it was estimated that every american saw 500 advertisements a day. Today, each american is estimated to see 5,000 – 10,000 advertisements a day.

Never in the history of the advertising usa phone number list world has seen such intense competition. Who do you think will win?

We have all been in the same situation. Create a facebook page and only a few people like it.

This is a direct impression of a world full of clutter and distractions

Keep reading, learning and observing. If you have a business, try to understand and understand the customer. Try to be in the customer’s place. Find out what the customer’s dreams and hopes are.

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce BTC Database EU company makes customers the no. 1 focus. Their #1. They invest a lot of money simply to make it easier for customers to find products and subsequently buy products on their website. Then they invest more money so that products can be processed and delivered faster by using robot technology, drones and so on.

Why do large companies focus on customers? This is because they know the real profit of any business does not come from the first purchase. It comes from repeat purchases from customers who have bought before.

I have previously explained the 3 fundamental ways to increase business sales.

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