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For  a to spend time with other shoppers. However, the growth of online commerce has significantly chang the demands and expectations of consumers. With the ability to browse, select and buy online, customers today have zero tolerance for chaotic stores, long waiting lines and crowd areas. For decades, retailers and brands have . Expand their footprints by opening large B&M (Brick & Mortar. Stores as a way to attract more customers. For more information click here BUSINESS PULSE Updat on: Anerola Torollari ~ minutes of reading Written by Zerina Bruci . The inspectorate emphasizes that, through this service, the parties can report any abuse or The convenience. Customization and ease of purchase offer by e-commerce has made physical stores less attractive.

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Often cumbersome in their layouts and Luxembourg Mobile Number List more of a headache than a convenience. For more,The customer’s rationale for visiting. B&M stores has chang and this is the main driving force behind the evolution of retail and the reproduction of *B&M stores. Nowadays, a visit to a store is worthwhile if it offers. The same level of convenience and personalization as e-commerce and a meaningful and intense experience for consumerssee Fig. Especially true for the fashion, automotive and electronics industries, customers. Expect an experience enabl by the latest technology, a sense of community and personaliz assistance from staff who are more of a consultant than a sales assistant.

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To better adapt to the ever-changing BTC Database UK demands of customers, brands and retailers. Are transforming their traditional stores, adapting them into three main types flagship. Main) stores, urban stores and neighbor hood stores, with different values. The *flagship store offers the ultimate shopping experience by capturing all dimensions of the retail experience enabling customers to have a new authentic experience with the brand. The urban store focuses on ease of purchase, helping the consumer to decide, narrowing the product offering to the items most in demand locally. Finally, the neighborhood store offers a limit selection of items and a distribution center for consumers who complete their purchase online.

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