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In order for the advertisement to be effective in its operation hould be direct to queries that can cause conversion. At this stage, check Keyword matching – analyze the keywords, pay attention to what type of match is us whether there are words with a low number of searches. Avoid broad match especially with smaller budgets, this type of match is the biggest budget eater. Wide ranges more control will give you expression match; Too general keywords A common mistake is also the use of too general keywords, which usually do not bring conversions, by the way are usually burden with high.

Exclusions can made on many levels

The number of keywords in the ad group – it is also worth paying attention to the number of keywords in the ad group. You can add up to , of them, but it’s good to focus on that are closely relat thematically. This will give you a better match to your ad ling Portugal Phone Number List page; When doing exclusions. Situation of keyword conflict may occur This is a situation when you exclude a phrase that coincides with the add keyword. This situation causes the ad to stop responding to this request. Check that there is no such conflict in the account; Keyword status – check if keywords are restrict by bid or low quality score; Do you know that In Google Ads accounts, a message appears in the recommendations to change the match type to broad match.

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If you want to have full control over

Which phrases your ads are display for, use phrase or exact match. By using broad match, Google will show your ad for words that may be of less interest to you. Step – Check the ads you are displaying. The first thing a user sees in the Google search engine is BTC Database EU your ad. It is up to you whether it will encourage you to click visit the site. This is the only point of contact between your campaign its recipient. Make sure that this meeting ends with the interest of the recipient the transition to the ling page. At this stage, check Ad matching effectiveness – analyze the texts of advertisements check whether their full potential is us in terms of headlines descriptions. The basis is that the ad should be match to the keywords the target page.

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