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Whether the service requires passwords and what they are: easy-to-break ” will suffice, do they have to be complicat, and whether they ne to be chang periodically. Does the system automatically log out a user who has not perform any activity for a certain period of time ( minutes)? Does it enable access monitor? – the contact center will not be secure if the user can log in unnotic. Every action, every login, every change must be record in the system and be available to the administrator. It is also connect with the requirements of GIODO – each operation on personal data must be meticulously register. Are data transmissions encrypt? Pay attention to the encryption protocol, and whether a VPN, MPLS or even dicat connection is possible if requir.

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With different permission levels? Not everyone should have access to all system data and options. Contact center security is not only protection against data theft, but also against malicious corruption of the system, or, for example, send an Senegal Mobile Number List offensive mail to the entire customer base by a dissatisfi employee. Therefore, only select, trust employees should have access to full functionality. Do only select employees of the service provir have access to the system? The supplier stores critical data for your company – customers, transactions, price lists, contracts Only select people should have access to them and only when it is absolutely necessary.

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The previous section with a look at the contact center provir’s access procures. And because even the best system, liver in a careless or non-standard way, will never be secure, the next step you should take when consir the security of your contact BTC Database EU center is to screen the service provir itself. Is it a telecommunications operator? Apart from the convenience of such a solution (instead of two provirs, you get all services from one), it protects your data transmissions against interruptions caus, for example, by a conflict between the provir and the operator, which you may not even know about. It also spes up the resolution of possible problems, without shift responsibility to the operator and supplier.

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