Techniques to Generate Your First Dropship Sales


If you want to buy product x, you can buy it with me. I can give a special price. Can be a little cheaper than buying elsewhere.

4. Update other existing social sites

This is only for those of you who have many social sites such as instagram, twitter, wechat, telegram, etc. If possible, update all these social sites so that everyone who has contact with you knows what you are doing.

5. Choose one product (dropship) that you are most interested in and try it yourself

Try to buy a product (dropship) that interests you the most and is closest to your needs. Buy, use, understand the flow that your potential customer goes through until he receives the ordered product.

There are 2 advantages of this technique.

A. So that you can sit in the place of your potential customers. This experience is important because it determines how you manage and understand the problems and needs of potential customers

B. Promote the products you have already used to potential customers. Surely your sales script is more accurate, neat, easy to write if you have used the promoted product than the product that has never been tried.

Start writing blogs consistently

Creating your own blog is no longer difficult with free platforms such as blogger.Com and wordpress.Com . What is difficult is to write consistently.

Did you know, blogs are a very effective buy telemarketing leads platform to convey a message to readers. The potential of posting on a blog is much greater than posting on facebook. This is because, posting on the blog allows visitors to find it through google search.

Also, by writing consistently on the blog, you indirectly build people’s interest and trust in you and what you do. Every post you make on the blog you can share on social media as usual.

7. Make an opening sales offer

After becoming a dropship member, you still don’t have a track record that convinces potential buyers. The first buyer is important. So how about you make the most attractive opening sales offer on the condition that potential customers will give you feedback & positive purchase experience testimonials about you.

Try one of the following options

Opening sale offer 1 customer only : the discount is the BTC Database EU same as the discount you enjoy as a dropship member (sell without profit). Make an agreement with a potential customer that he will provide a positive testimonial on whatsapp regarding their purchase experience with you.

B. Opening sale offer first 5 customers : offer highest discount or free shipping with same conditions as above.


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