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We should use the most ordinary column chart. in the case of a pie chart, each section of it should be describ, which may make it difficult to read. Below are examples of statistics of visits to various social networking sites – one is not the best, the other is optimal. A pie chart also known as a pie chart D pie charts can be inconvenient to read Example of a line chart us in data visualization This is what a chart with multiple elements should look like Another example is the use of a chart to represent aggregat data. When we present product sales over the years, the cumulative numbers will show an upward trend, which can be misleading. A few curiosities in the context of data visualization now some interesting facts from the field of business analytics.

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Reading them you will surely agree that data improve your work. quintillion ( to the power of ) bytes are generat daily (source FinancesOnline) Facebook users post million photos a day ( petabytes, or to the power of ), Twitter users post million tweets Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List every day (source Raconteur) British engineer, economist statistician William Playfair is consider to be the originator of the bar chart – the first known chart of this type was publish in (source historyofInformation ) human brains process visuals , times faster than text (source University of Minnesota) a study by the Wharton School of Business show that the use of data visualization can shorten business meetings by.

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Visualization Accelerate business meetings

A group of people in a meeting using data with data visualization Business Intelligence tools for data visualization It is no secret that the choice of tool will depend primarily on the nes of your organization. You will BTC Database EU find many tools on the market. Some are simple, such as spreadsheets or presentation programs. The more complex ones are Google Data Studio, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI Oracle Analytics. Logotypes for data analytics visualization solutions Which data analysis visualization solution to choose? What should you pay attention to when choosing a Business Intelligence tool? First of all, for nes, available budget the size of your Data Analytics team – if you have one in your organization.

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