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Connect with guest COMMENTS AUTHOR OF THE POST Kamil Sliwowski Kamil Sliwowski A trainer animator, he specializes in the use of new technologies open resources in ucation. He creat ucational programs, at the Central House of Technology, Centrum Cyfrowe, foundations Panoptykon School with Class. He blogs at How did we build e- Private Cloud for NN TFI? Feb , / min The cision to choose a hosting environment requires in-pth analysis. For the project to be successful, it is important to remember not only about the technology, but also about fining the business requirements and regulations impos on the sector. Business termines the architecture of the application, and this – the necessary infrastructure.

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Cloud at our client, NN TFI. What is the Private Cloud environment? Private Cloud combines many of the advantages of cloud computing – including flexibility, scalability and simplicity – with the control and security of your own on-premise Turkey Mobile Number List infrastructure. This solution is especially useful for companies that manage sensitive data, including those that are subject to data privacy regulations. Unlike the Public Cloud (public cloud), the private cloud provis more stable operation of applications and access to resources. Constantly monitor physical and virtual infrastructure is not shar by systems unknown to the supplier.

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To changes in resource utilization by shifting the load from one server to another, either automatically or manually. What does e- Private Cloud look like in practice? e- Private Cloud (EPC) is an infrastructure fully manag by the e- hosting team, built BTC Database EU on its own resources (servers, arrays, network infrastructure including firewalls). Through the virtualization platform, it allows you to create separate, dicat infrastructures with any division of computing resources (processors, operating memory or mass), tailor to the customer’s nes. e- Private Cloud hosts projects primarily in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) mol. Where container orchestration is ne – we launch the OKD (Origin Kubernetes Distribution) platform.

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