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In our bank, we strive for this goal with all our might. This means that regardless of the at which he starts contacting the bank, be it through the application, website or visit to a branch, he will be able to benefit from the value of this method of operation. All this should work on the principle of connect vessels. Therefore, in my opinion, the presence of. Technology in banking is not wishful thinking, but a real action that benefits both the client and the bank. You have rais an important issue of the interpenetration of the real and digital worlds. How does the project you run at BNP, Virtual branch”, fit into this concept? I like to call the. Virtual branch” project Center”. It is a place where people with extensive experience specializ in specific banking products are available to the client, and who are also able to adjust to the client’s nes from time to time.

This availability is big differentiator

Here which is why we are testing a solution in which advisors are also available in the evening, because as we can see, it is a great help for many people. Each of us has duties relat to work and family, and we will not always be able to appear UAE Mobile Number List during UAE  the working hours of a bank branch to settle matters that require our physical presence and signing documents. That is why we strive for this project to complement the function of a bank branch. Thanks to a vio conversation with a consultant, the client can successfully arrange many things at times convenient for him. How does it look in practice? We want a digital experience that we know from other platforms.

Phone Number List

Before the meeting the client receives

Link that is generat to a specific meeting. The tool itself is maximally simplifi, the condition is to have the Internet and a vice from which we can connect. The technological barrier is very low. During the conversation, a chat is available, if you BTC Database EU ne to enter something additionally or clarify. At any time, the advisor can display his screen to show what nes to be done in the customer panel or show, for example, a table of fees. This solution also works well in advisory topics. Especially when there is an unexpect injection of cash that can be invest. This is when even clients who are well vers in technology and investment are eager to connect with an advisor to discuss their options.

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