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The capabilities of the technologies offer the best option. We prepare optimal digital solutions for business We prepare optimal digital solutions for business As you know the customer is always right. Any business model is built on this simple statement we do not undertake to challenge it. But we are ready to clarify this formula the client is always right in his goals plans. But dialogue is possible on ways to achieve these goals. At least in the development of complex digital products. In a strict sense we don’t try to sell anything to our customers at first. To “sell” you ne a certain product in development talking about a product without.

Background information is simply pointless

So our first meetings with the customer are not devot to self-presentation but to the collection of information. We prefer to talk about the client’s business not about ourselves – we collect requirements find out as many subtle details as possible. Getting Venezuela Phone Number List important information is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. An honest dialogue requires trust understing on both sides the manager’s personality professionalism play an important role here. Our expert senior business developer takes part in kick off meetings. His task is to clarify all questions that reveal the technical business requirements of the project. Practice shows that in dealing with specialists the client begins to evaluate his idea from a new perspective.

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Project requirements are communicat

Already at this stage it is possible to speak in general terms about the means by which the customer’s problem will be solv. Checking the client’s idea At this point the project is taking shape so far very conditional. You can move on to its internal BTC Database EU audit. to a team of managers experienc business analysts. Their task is to analyze the idea the market as a whole in order to draw conclusions about its viability this is call idea validation. As a rule validation takes two to three days the team collects data conducts regular brainstorms. Specialists can identify br problems correlate them with the wishes of the customer point out its competitive advantages weaknesses.

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