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However this does not mean that the user can be left alone without support. The help of a specialist is essential at every stage of the operation of a virtual telephone exchange. Lack of any visible technical vices, ease and spe of configuration and operation may give the impression that a virtual telephone exchange is a simple system. This impression is justifi – the control panel is sign so that you, as the end user, do not have to worry about what is happen “unr the hood”. In fact, a virtual telephone exchange is a sophisticat and complex ICT tool.

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Situations when “someth doesn’t work”, you ne support from the service provir. We have already written about the importance of the efficiency of such Honduras Mobile Number List support, especially in the case of cloud services, in the article about SLA ( which you can read here Help at the concept stage As we wrote in the article about the construction of the IVR voice menu ( you can read it here ), the introduction of a service such as a virtual switchboard requires the entire organizational envelope in the company. Who will the calls come to.

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In the event of a sudn increase in the number of incom calls, what are the emergency procures? How long does it take to call back customers who didn’t answer and who does it? How important is the constant availability of the virtual headquarters BTC Database EU for the company? – these are just a few of the many questions that you should answer at the very beginn. And here the help of an experienc specialist will be invaluable, who firstly knows the capabilities of the virtual head office system, and secondly knows proven solutions from other companies and knows how to best solve organizational puzzles.

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