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In addition to stay holidays, the office also offers round trips to the most interest places in the world, camps, summer camps, air and coach tickets, as well as travel insurance. Business challenge MyTravel is a significant player on the Polish travel agency market in terms of direct sales. In view of the changes in the approach of customers and the grow Unless, of course, we fail to trust him. That is why it is worth work on your sales workshop and build it step by step every day. Then we have a chance to be among those who fly the highest in terms of sales.

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Cid to centralize and reorganize the process of communication with the customer in electronic sales. In the first stage, the organization of telephone contact was morniz. It is crucial for the company, because spite the velopment of communication Hungary Mobile Number List via e-mail or chat, customers still prefer to al with most matters, especially the more complex ones, over the phone. Areas to be reorganiz The follow areas requir revelopment have been intifi and separat: Hotline for end customers; Agent hotline; Outbound communication – for sales activities and after-sales communication with the customer. Tools The Focus Contact Center platform, centraliz communication in one system, was select to fully support the above processes.

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Among other ths, to manage customer databases, view the full history of communication, record calls, provi key information to Agents dur the call (CTI), as well as tail report and full control. As a result, the Focus Contact Center system has BTC Database EU become a sle, seal point of contact with the company. Are you interest in a broar view of customer communication and service improvement? Download the ebook “Multi-Channel Communication and Customer Service” Particular attention was paid to the follow functions of the Focus Contact Center system.

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