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To answer the question of what exactly should be done, we ne to explain what we actually see in the search engine after entering the phrase we are interest in. For some time now, local sites have been appearing more frequently in search results because Google recognizes search intent from the keyword typ. This happens, for example, when we enter the name of a service in the search engine, the profession of the specialist we are looking for tire change, hairdresser, dentist, personal trainer. The intention of the search is then to provide the recipient with local service companies that offer the search service.

As users of the search engine

We often enter the name of the profession of the specialist we are looking for or the name of the service connect to the city in which we are looking for this service. Then this intention is even more precise. Search results for such queries consist of PPC ads from Google Ads advertising campaigns that display results above all other elements paid Conduit CN solution. Google Maps – thanks to which the user can reach companies that are in close proximity to the user. Organic search results display subpages that best match the Google search engine algorithm for a given phrase they have appropriate optimization Thanks to the cumulative actions the use of all types of results, we can actually reach a large group of users both in the short long term.

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What is local positioning Local positioning

Special form of website optimization in such a way that the website is visible on key phrases enter by users looking for a local service provider. We know from experience that most users looking for a local company usually enter phrases with the name of the city, “Agencja Marketingowa Lublin”. These are phrases with a very high purchasing potential, because BTC Database EU users are looking for the actual service provider, not information. Importantly, after entering a phrase that does not contain a city into the search engine, the Google algorithm, due to our location, may display local results, as mention above. Local positioning can also manifest itself in the appropriate optimization of the Google business card establish in Google My.

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