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Blend an automat tool for manag the consultant’s tasks, allow to optimally fill his work time and thus significantly increase his efficiency. Effect: . Obtain full control and knowlge about the standard of implementation of key processes Radical shorten of the wait time for connection to the hotline. Improvement of the effective work time of consultants to minutes per hour Increas call answer at hotlines to . %You invest a lot of money in Google AdWords every month. Advertisements, well profil and written, attract traffic to your website. But… conversions are less than you expect.

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Can do to convert more. Once you’ve captur a potential customer’s attention and successfully rirect them to your land page, the only goal – the one that justifies your spend on AdWords – is conversion. Whether the visitor fills out the form or calls you – the most Iceland Mobile Number List important th is that you make contact. If they buy your product or service right away, consir yourself lucky. In most cases, the purchase takes place after several visits or conversations. Hence, you cannot let the potential client think too long. You have to catch him right away. When it starts to think and compare with the competition, your chance of sell creases.

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So you want a potential customer acquir through AdWords to contact you the first time they visit your website. He does not have to buy right away, it is important that he calls, writes or leaves his tails in the contact form. Remember, however, that your potential client is easily distract and discourag. Accustom to hav everyth serv immiately, and hundrs BTC Database EU of companies compet for his attention (and wallet) every day, he will not make any effort to convert. As soon as someth disturbs him, he will forget about you. And maybe he won’t come back to your website, because the next ad he clicks on will be from your competition. That is why it is so important that the path to conversion is as short and simple as possible.

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