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With Aleksanr Bello Endri Mataj, at the giant Ernst & Young.for everyone, as their opinions brought a reflection of what is innovation do not walk but run how open-mind prepar we must be to use it in the best way in the times we are living in.After the first weekend, the young people engag individually to improve their business plans reflecting the knowlge they gain from the training.On the last day, the trainers focus on presentation techniques, the so-call “pitch” examples from real pitches were taken analyz in tail, unrsting the importance of this process in business success.

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Their ias within minutes in front of a jury the best ias in the current stage were evaluat.This format, which was realiz for the first time in Albania, aims to return to tradition unr the Inovate initiative, offering continuous support to startups in Japan Phone Number List Albania.The article was previously publish on page of issue of Business Magazine Albania . Business Magazine Albania is the first digital magazine with original content in Albanian orient towards the business field. You Can Browse Here no. of her. TECHNOLOGY Updat on: admin ~ minutes of reading Amazon founr Jeff Bezos introduc his version through a new spaceship mol. The goal is to transport equipment people to the Moon within five years.

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Which initially aims to transport equipment later eventually also astronauts.”Blue Moon” is call an unmann spacecraft. It contains scientific instruments, satellites, etc.Bezos said Blue Moon could help NASA achieve the goal set by the Trump BTC Database EU administration to send astronauts to the moon by .Read: NASA Announces Top Three signs for Homes on MarsThe billionaire said, “It’s time to go back to the moon this time to stay.” He present his goals for space exploration at the Washington Convention Center to an audience of potential customers NASA officials.Blue Moon is project to weigh about , kg fill with fuel at launch from Earth. On arrival on the Moon it is expect to weigh.

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