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This vaulting is primarily a waste of time searching for a contact and. Scattered information about him, manually rewriting numbers from the database, struggling with the lack of access to communication history, handling the GDPR in several. Systems and fighting the. Consequences of errors and omissions. Pitfalls of not integrating CRM with a contact center. The lack of connection between the CRM system and the call center can effectively make life difficult for clients and consultants. Outdated and duplicate information these are just some of the problems resulting from the lack of system integration in the contact center. From the very beginning, your company has a CRM system , carefully filled with data.

To improve customer contact and service

Purchase a communication management system. To save time, you do not integrate it with CRM these are just two systems, transferring data from one to the. Other takes only a moment. lighted by the new opportunities, you immediately plan a huge Kenya Mobile Number List sales campaign. You velop the target group and appoint one of the. Employees to export relevant contacts from the CRM to the call center system. You load the resulting list into the system. And you start the campaign Two weeks pass. You want to repeat the campaign, but the composition of your team has changed. So you commission another employee to export the database from CRM, and you load the resulting list into the call center system.

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You start campaign and you call

The same people. At best, you will “only. Lose time. The above example. Although it focuses only on the most serious consequences. Shows a number BTC Database EU of problems resulting from the lack of integration of systems. Another trap CRM and contact center have. Inconsistent databases Two copies of the same database will start living their lives very quickly. The typical human error rate in the workplace is to , so let consultants have , opportunities to make a mistake a week, and each week the bases will differ from each other by , to tails.

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