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What is phone call spoofing? Before we look at ways to combat spoofing, let’s first clarify the finition of this type of attack. Actually, CallerID Spoofing means impersonating the subscriber of a certain telephone number in orr to make calls to another subscriber. This is, of course, to extort money unr false pretenses, using a false intity (as the person to whom such a call is ma will be convinc that he knows the telephone number from which the call was ma). Unfortunately, this strategy is very effective there are a lot of such violations. More about spoofing (not only phone calls) says the expert of the Office of Electronic Communications in the vio below: Phone call spoofing – how do we counteract it? Due to the fact that the number of such attacks is constantly growing, both legislators telecommunications operators themselves are trying to velop methods to combat it.

What are these methods Changes

The Telecommunications Law Work on amendments to the Telecommunications Law has been in progress for some time. They are intend to limit the possibility of attacks such as spoofing to ensure security . Telecom operators block connections Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List outsi of their networks Telecom experts agree that statutory changes are not enough to fight cyber attacks such as spoofing, smishing or phishing. As we read on the Rzeczpospolita website : Both representatives of the administration operators agree that it will be difficult to completely eliminate this phenomenon. This requires both investments on the part of the operators changes in the law – results from today’s conference of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Office of Electronic Communications telecommunications operators.

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What actions are operators taking

This regard? spite the negative financial operational consequences, telecommunications operators are introducing changes to protect customers. What does it mean? Operators block those calls that are ma outsi of their network. They do this to avoid making calls that may turn out to be fake. An example may be a situation when we call a mobile phone in BTC Database EU the Play network. If we present ourselves with a number that is not in the same network, the call will be reject. You can also safely assume that in the near future this strategy will also be us by other operators you should be prepar for it. The effects of the changes will affect call center partments Restrictions introduc by the legislator, as well as by mobile network operators themselves, will also affect private companies that communicate with their customers.

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