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Good telemarket or effective bt collection. Nowadays certainly require advanc system support. Otherwise, they become very expensive and time consum. Today’s contact centers can use business cloud systems that offer many functionalities. Support the efficiency of operations, but not in all companies managers are able to properly combine the. Capabilities of the system with the. Organization of the team. A morn contact center is a multichannel center of communication with. The customer the customer or potential customer expects that regardless of who the contact comes from and whether it is a sales or service initiative, it will be serv immiately and at the highest level.

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We have already written about handl the lack of contact and that it does not mean that we do not have the ability to reach the customer. In this article, we would like to focus on the advanc handl of lack of contact with the customer. And answer Qatar Mobile Number List the question of how to al with the lack of contact even better us the. Advanc functionalities of the contact center system. “Cascad” call check effectively if you have a chance to be contact pend on the history of the contact, we may take various actions relat to the call strategy. “Cascad” call is a method of sett callback rules that allows for the most effective verification whether a given contact in the base will answer the phone or whether it should be clos after a sufficient number of attempts.

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Certain number of contact attempts

Unique assumption can be set for each attempt for example if the contact does not answer at certain BTC Database EU times or, for example. The call goes to voicemail the next attempt can take place in a different hourly interval. The next in yet another pend on the nes. This functionality also allows you to. Immiately transfer contact attempts to the next hour, if the contact does not answer at . you can transfer this contact. Immiately to the afternoon, and the afternoon contact can be immiately transferr to the morn.

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