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Writes Il Sole hours, and . . To better understand, this is a figure slightly lower than the EU budget. According to data from the European Commission, the VAT avoided in Italy was . billion euros in . Next come Germany wit billion and FranceĀ  billion euros. As a percentage of the VAT avoided to the total tax that must be paid, Romania leads, where . % of the tax is not paid. In Greece it is almost %. Phenomeni ‘carusel’Through the ‘carousel’ scam, billion euros have been taken away from European taxpayers every year. By circulating goods and services across the internal borders of the European Union, criminals and even terrorists are taking money from public budgets.

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Their fraud consists in covering taxes Hong Kong Phone Numbers List that have never been paid, through the VAT carousel fraud.These frauds were recognized by the European tax authorities since the introduction of VAT in the EC in . However, no measures have been taken at the global level to effectively reduce the amount of these losses. Il sole ore writes that the inability of EU member matters, as well as the lack of mutual trust, has cost taxpayers heavily. The triangle between EU companiesVAT frauds are a blow to all the countries of the Continent and manage to avoid checks due to the fact that they occur at the same time in different countries, in an untraceable form.

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The phenomenon of ‘paper mills’ occurs, which means the creation of companies. With the objective of money laundering and tax BTC Database UK avoidance. These companies open and close at the speed of light. Against this speed it is difficult to take measures. The operations are based on the triangle between the different companies of the European Union countries. For example, a German company sells its goods to an Italian company. The sale is made without paying VAT because it is a transaction within the EU.

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