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The goods (only on paper) is also a “paper factory”, VAT. It is at this stage that the real deception begins. The Italian (ghost) factory does not pay the VAT it has theoretically received from the buyer of the product, nor does it submit the annual VAT return. Its purpose is simply to create non-existing transactions. TECHNOLOGY Updated on: Anerola Torollari ~ minutes of reading Facebook has been working for more than a year on a secret initiative codenamed “Project Libra” to build a cryptocurrency-based payment system, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.The social networking giant plans to introduce a digital currency that its more than.

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Other and spend on Facebook and other Indian Phone Number List sites, The Journal reporte. Read: Facebook and JP Morgan are working on their own sustainable cry ptocurrency Facebook has spoken to “dozens of financial and online commerce firms” as it seeks to get about $ billion in investment and seek partners to help launch the system, according to the Journal, which citd people familiar with the matter.Facebook declind to comment on the matter. “Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an email to Business Insider.

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The social network has includd BTC Database UK Visa, Mastercard and payment processor First Data, according to The Journal. It has also approachd online trading companies and apps to accept its currency and invest in the project, enticing them with the possibility of zero card processing fees.Facebook plans to back its own currency with dollar reserves to stabilize its value and make it more stable than bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This may also be a response to growing concerns about the privacy and security of its users, as cryptocurrencies are claimd to offer anonymity and security. However, there are risks, as cryptocurrency deposits have been misusd or stolen in some cases.

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