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It is not only about the benefits of the propos mol, but also about the necessary technical and organizational requirements that the customer must meet. Another important stage that requires the involvement of a sales representative is vot time to unrstand the client’s business processes and accurately intify his nes. The seller of cloud services, often due to the client’s little knowlge, must himself prepare a functional mol that will fully implement the tasks assign to him by the company. Why did they choose the cloud? The most important benefits accord to IT managers in orr – faster access to infrastructure, greater scalability, higher availability advise.

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The sale are one th – in the case of sell cloud services, post-sales activities are also extremely important . When implement such a solution, we must make sure that the train process has been successful, dicat users have the necessary knowlge to use the Cambodia Mobile Number List service on their own. We cannot afford to neglect this field if we want the cooperation with the client to be long and fruitful. Count on long-term cooperation, we must also always provi the client with the right level of support – especially in the first period of service provision. Communication, provid knowlge and technical advice on services and experience from similar implementations can be extremely valuable.

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The imagination of data administrators

At each stage of velopment of a given organization, a representative of the cloud provir should provi support and advice in the field of technology and business. Talk about safety High-profile cases of leaks or theft of information from large websites BTC Database EU have captur and business owners. Meanwhile, firstly, these cases are high-profile due to the size of the affect entities Amazon, Facebook, Steam, secondly, cloud technology is becom more and more airtight precisely because of these high-profile cases, and thirdly, the threats pale in comparison to benefits: spe of information exchange, flexibility, possibility of cooperation of people from all over the world, or significantly lower costs.

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