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The investor Mr. Ali Selmani.In the US, Hilton has been. Votd on the Fortune as the Best Place to Work in . On page of issue of Business Magazine Albania . Business Magazine Albania is the first digital magazine with original content in field. You Can Browse Here no. of her. TIDINGS Update on: Ornel Trupje ~ minutes of reading The Tax Administration has launche an awareness campaign for taxpayers, to see the real situation and risk factors on the ground. According to taxes, the campaign has so far only affectd the large tourist areas such as.

Billion in the entire European Union

Tirana, Durres, Shkodra, Lezha, Fieri, Vlora, Pogradeci, Korça. Controls are expectd to extend to the entire territory of the country. From Germany Mobile Number List the preliminary data, it appears that there are violations of the tax legislation relatd to the non-issuance of the tax coupon, the use of fiscal equipment, the non-declaration of employees, as well as unregisterd entitiesmercial entities are being informe and advisd to correct their behavior in compliance with legal obligations, while each of them has been informd that it will be continuously monitord by the tax administration, due to the detectd irregularities, pending self-correction.

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States to unanimously agree on tax

Read Taxation publishes national tax BTC Database UK changesThe Directorate of Taxes emphasizes that this campaign aims to increase the level of information and awareness of taxpayers, in order to build a sustainable practice of respecting the law equally by all. TIDINGS Update on: admin ~ minutes of reading The biggest robbery of the century has a shocking figure. Over . billion euros intendd for EU countries have disappeard in eight years ( – ).It is a river of money that should have been collecte by the tax authorities of European countries in the form of Value Adde Tax (VAT). In alone, the amount that was not collected by the Treasury was  billion euros in Italy.

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