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You want to stand out from the competition! Supplier – is it a telecommunications operator? We wrote about the importance of check the service provir in the article about call contact center security . In short: if he’s a telecom operator, you have one major headache less. You will settle all telecommunications matters with one supplier, you also know exactly who handles your phone calls in the callback service . A service provir that is not an operator must use subcontractors. You, as a callback user, have no control over them, maybe you don’t even know about their existence. In the event of purely telecommunications problems (such as the aforemention call quality or a complete “cut-off”), do you feel like fight with an additional.

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Your provir to fight this fight? Provir – does it have its own infrastructure? This topic is also cover in the security and service provir article mention above. Callback services are cloud-bas systems. Hence, the infrastructure on which they operate is not in Georgia Mobile Number List your server room, but somewhere. Right, where? Do you know who has access to it? And if it is locat outsi the European Union, does it meet EU requirements, for example the GDPR? Can you prove it? Because if it turns out that your customers’ data is process by a callback service provir contrary to the GDPR, you will also pay the penalty. And there are already legends about GDPR penalties.

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Where the infrastructure of all cloud services is locat (includ callback) and choos reliable solutions. Is the callback service part of a larger whole? Check what else you can add to the callback service. The callback itself is a simple service: a form BTC Database EU and a handset on the website, telephone calls, basic analytics and a calendar . And that’s it. It’s enough for a while, but at some point you’ll want to velop your business (we keep our fers cross!) and conveniently call back the numbers provid . You will also want to communicate with customers via email and SMS, and do telemarket . You will build an IVR voice menu.

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