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Which shorten its message to just one to this, a fraction of a second is enough for the user to know what drink it is about In this way, it is possible to get the maximum effect in a short time viewer’s interest The advertisement should surprise the viewer, arouse interest in him  thus keep the focus on himself for a long time In a world overload with information,it is not easy In order not to be completely ignor by the subconscious of the Internet user, a strong accent is necessary, which will be completely unprictable Creativity  ingenuity.

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Advertisement Sometimes the entire internet marketing is bas on one interesting graphic or word combination that is able to surprise, catch the user’s attention  associate him with the product offer A good solution is also to ask interesting Bolivia Mobile Number List questions that will interest a potential store customer But don’t answer right away The mind does not like the lack of information  the user can do a lot to find out the answer to the question that bothers him now This is a great opportunity to rirect it to the company’s website or social mia The objectivity of the message  of what our.

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The mind  is not analyz by it In the course of evolution, we have learn to focus on the most important events in our environment Therefore, advertising should be extremely factual so that the whole story takes on tangible shapes in the user’s mind BTC Database EU In this way, he will not have to imagine difficult  complicat concepts It is also worth using specific numbers, which speak much more clearly than general terms Advertiser cribility A crible message is the attitude of every effective advertisement The figures  statistics provid should come from generally recogniz institutions, while the advantages of the product sold must correspond to its actual capabilities Excessive exaggeration.

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