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Thanks to the graphical summaries of months, it is possible to analyze the popularity of a given phrase in specific periods of the year. example results in the Senuto Keyword Database for the phrase “winter boots” Ahrefs also provides a lot of information about searches for select keywords. However, they are a bit more advanc, because you can also check many other parameters. These include, for example, a list of specific results for a given phrase from the search engine, traffic potential or the difficulty of being in the top ten of organic search results for a given keyword. Using Ahrefs, you can of course check the monthly volume of searches for select phrases, you can also analyze it on the chart provid.

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Several previous years – in Senuto, however, this is not possible. winter boots pictures in Ahrefs Both of these tools can provide you with a lot of valuable information regarding the seasonality of specific key phrases. This will certainly help you in planning Ghana Phone Number List your strategy preparing your business for the start of the season. In addition to a few differences in data presentation, these tools also differ in price. Ahrefs is more expensive than Senuto. For this reason, it is worth choosing the solution that you will really ne the most Keyword Planner A free tool that will also come in hy when analyzing seasonality is the Google Ads Keyword Planner It works on a similar principle as the previously present platforms.

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After entering the select phrase in the Planner,  to it will be display. Next to them, you will see the average monthly number of searches a chart with their summary. In addition, you can select a specific time period from which you are most interest BTC Database EU in data. As in Ahrefs, it allows you to analyze the popularity of phrases over several years. winter boots pictures in Google Ads Keyword Planner How to position a seasonal business Seasonal business can also effectively use positioning activities in its strategy. However, a prerequisite is proper planning. SEO is not an instant process – it takes time consistency.

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