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This e- holistically manages the entire technical si of the. Work and supports the application, guaranteeing the quality and availability of the service for end customers. Projects implement and host by e- for NN TFI and other clients from the banking and financial sector (including ING, BNP, Santanr) give us knowlge about the nes and requirements as well as experience in creating software for this industry. The e- Private Cloud infrastructure meets all the requirements of financial institutions regarding data security. We also use access separation within our company – velopers and administrators have access only to those elements of the system that they ne to provi the highest quality services and ensure the security of the applications we create.

Mariusz Sawicki Infrastructure Architect

Board Representative for Hosting Since. He has been associat with the area of ​​hosting and cloud services at e-. Thanks to the experience gain as a systems and infrastructure administrator, acting on the first line of maintenance, he unrstands the technical Slovenia Mobile Number List aspects of solutions provid to customers.How does technology support banking? – an interview with Andrzej Chechliński from BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA Feb , / min In banking, the winner will be the one who takes care of communication and customer service in its entirety. In our bank, we strive for this goal with all our might – says Andrzej Chechliński from BNP Paribas Bank Poska SA , in an interview about the bank’s latest project, which is “Virtual Branch.

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Will take care of communication

Pawel Poreba Andrzej Chechlinski BNP. Paribas Bank Polska SA There is an old saying that “money likes silence”. The question is, do they also like morn technologies? In every aspect of banking, technology plays a key role. It’s not just digital anymore, making a transactional system or an app. Without technology, the things we know from finance BTC Database EU no longer exist. Even if the client visits a classic bank branch, the adviser he meets uses technological solutions to advise the client in the best way. He logs into various systems, checks the client’s intity, analyzes investment opportunities, critworthiness, etc. That’s why I think that today in banking the one who  and customer service will win.

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