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Google expert John Mueller spoke about this in John Mueller’s tweet on content length Word count is not an indicator of quality. Some pages contain many words that say nothing. Some pages contain very few words that are nevertheless very important relevant to queries. You know your content best (hopefully) can decide if it nes details.” To sum up – the position is influenc not by the length, but by the quality of the shar content. So how to write texts for SEO? First of all, it is worth taking care of their high usability, because ultimately they will be receiv by people, not robots. However, you can be sure that substantive content combin with exhaustive volume will be appreciat by search engines.

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Algorithm is responsible for ranking pages in the search engine. This system analyzes many different criteria, bas on which it then determines the position of a particular website in organic search results. What relationship do these algorithms have Latvia Phone Number List with the shar content? Google prioritizes quality content. One of the algorithms responsible for analyzing content is the Pa algorithm It verifies its uniqueness value. Pages that have spam or duplicates are penaliz with a lower position. Another important algorithm is Pirat – responsible for analyzing content in terms of copyright.

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Of texts also lose their  The Koliber algorithm is responsible for examining the context of the pages. For this reason, the emphasis on creating substantive content has been increas. Even if they do not have key phrases, but they correspond to the intentions BTC Database EU of users, they will appear in higher places. Google algorithms pa, pirate, hummingbird The more text, the better? Well, not necessarily. It can even be said that the longer the content, the greater the chance of making all kinds of mistakes. With extensive texts, it is more difficult to spot inaccuracies or mistakes. Of course, this does not mean that a long article.

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