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What happen to Microsoft’s Tay bot , which operat briefly on Twitter, could happen. Tay, process and learn from user interactions, immiately began mak offensive posts and was shut down just hours after launch. Avoid experiments and unproven solutions. Gain knowlge about chatbots and consir whether this is a solution that fits your business Do you use chat apps? Integrate them with your communication system Chat integration with your communication system as we wrote earlier is the basis for organiz information about contacts with the client.

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Collect information about customer channels, not only from the chat, and you can use them for new orrs and requests. Customer service will then take on an individual character and problems will be resolv faster. If you serve customers through Norway Mobile Number List your chat on the website, but also through others via Facebook Messenger remember about integration with the system. This solution will allow us to maintain the highest level of service, and thus high Customer Experience .Callability is not always a problem on the part of the recipient (telephone switch off, voicemail, number switch off.

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Very often the fact that we do not reach customers or potential customers is due to gaps in our internal processes and incompetent use of the resources BTC Database EU we have. For example, in the handl and classification of record databases. How to fix it? The functionalities of the contact center system can come to our aid . Below we write about how to use them effectively. miniCRM We already know that a wellorr database is the basis for successful outbound campaigns , but also for effective bt collection processes. If the records we have are not properly classifi and easily accessible, our campaigns have no chance of success.

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