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The ten compulsory courses inclu contemporary subjects: International Business. Transactions, E-Commerce, Online Contracting, Antitrust Law, IP Asset Management, Intellectual Property Law, Securities Law, Global Intellectual Property Law, Tramark Law, Comparative Law, Introduction to American. Legal Systems & Legal Writing.The teaching method is only one course per month (five courses per semester), which is given only on weekends through. lectures that take place throughout the day starting from : to. In total.weekends will cover each semester with live classes. Urther, reading materials before after classes submitting exams are expect of stunts.

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Criteria You are register as a private company in one of UNICEF’s programs You are working on open source technology solutions with these Germany Mobile Number List or similar licenses: BSD (software), CERN (hardware), or CC-BY (content); Your solution has the potential to positively impact children’s lives. benefit The fund provis $ – , . The money is intend to test prototypes evaluate them velop to a level where companies show that this solution works. Product technology velopment. The select startups will receive technical assistance from the UNCEF team to help evaluate improve their solutions. Business growth. The fund inclus a network of mentors, who help startups velop a business mol strategy to grow their company profits.

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Which of the five courses will be taken online. After completing the SAL Program, graduates continue their ucation at Chicago-Kent in Chicago, IL, USA. Master’s studies at Chicago-Kent are complet by receiving the in .US, International BTC Database EU Transnational. Law” in one semester (five months) instead of a regular acamic year. This is a legal study¬† for the duration of the postgraduate acamic gree. which is five months for SAL graduates. For graduates who hold the SAL Certificate, the Chicago gree is earn by completing one semester of full-time study. MFeanwhile, they may choose to continue an additional semester at Chicago-Kent for their continuing ucation professional bar exam BAR.

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