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The effects of the epimiological situation in Poland and around the world have a significant impact on the current shape of the automotive industry. Broken supply chains, as well as shortages in the availability of select components caus production stoppages in many car factories. The fact that China is limiting the production of magnesium is worrying. According to market analysts, the return to normality may drag on until . How does all this affect the situation of alerships and what challenges do their bosses or sales staff face? alership customer service has never been more important. Automotive industry in Poland and Europe report and forecast for the future As we read on the Parkiet website The latest Santanr BP barometer shows that percent.

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The nes of car factories experienc a crease in production in the third quarter compar to the second quarter of this year. At the same time, percent of producers expect better results than a year ago, and less than percent prict clines. However, it was Belarus Mobile Number List not that prolong problems with the availability of semiconductors may negatively verify these forecasts. IHS Markit a leading analytics company has prepar forecasts for car production in Europe, compar with data from . According to the forecasts, a return to the prepanmic production level is expect in . According to the PZPM and KPMG report, in the past months (data from the first three quarters of ), the number of cars produc in Poland reach.

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The creasing supply has a negative impact on sales, which is confirm by the data. In the first three quarters of this year, In , new car registrations reach . thousand, but in the third quarter alone a crease was record. Jakub Faryƛ, presint of the Polish BTC Database EU Automotive Industry Association, sees reasons for concern Although the registration results for the three quarters of this year are still very good, unfortunately the overall situation of the automotive industry in the last months of remains bad. The reason is shortages in the supply of semiconductors for automotive production, as shown by data showing clines in vehicle production.

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