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Gamification is, along with interest examples of applications here , and you can read a simple recipe for gamification in a call contact center here ). Company Call Reports – Game : “Customer Service” Imagine this situation: the reports show that consultants in your company’s call contact center know “difficult” customers and their cases and requests are always resolv at the very end, just before the end of the allott time. Such postpon is dangerous, because an impatient customer it gets even more difficult. What to do with this? Scare? Threaten? Or maybe to motivate ? A simple game like “who will make more calls to difficult customers.

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Reward valuable to the consultants, the problem of leav to the last minute will disappear. Consultants will even outdo each other in al with difficult clients – and that’s what it’s all about. Company Call Reports – Game : “Sales” Your telemarketers Russia Mobile Number List are in no hurry to close the sale – the number of calls from customer interest to purchase is too high. What to do with this? Because you have insight into the reports, bas on them you can organize a game: who will sell the most with the fewest calls to the customer. At the end of the month, you will sum up, compare sales and phones and give prizes.

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Forget about quality. You can’t allow telemarketers to rush the customer at all costs just to win. Therefore, introduce additional rules to the competition ( the result of customer satisfaction surveys at ), which will promote sales and efficiency think BTC Database EU among your people. Maybe the result will be a better script, or even an entire sales strategy? Do you want to know more about the virtual PBX and telephony system in your company? Read these articles: Which PBX will be best for a small business? Why do most companies choose a VoIP phone? Virtual or stationary exchange in the company?Easy, ongo access to bill is the basis for manag call costs.

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