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For this reason, the entire technical si of the configuration takes place on the si of the virtual exchange service provir. Your task is only to provi information, such as what telephone numbers are to be connect to the PBX, which employee is to have a user account, how to set queu (more about call queu can be found in the article “How does call queu work?”), and how the IVR voice menu is suppos to work – if you use it. You can read about what an IVR menu is and why it is worth hav it here , and how to prepare it before start its implementation, you will learn from this article. And that’s basically all – at each stage you will receive help from the service provir , and at the end it remains to configure the telephones connect to the PBX.

This is one of only two activities

That will take place in your office. The second is the train of users on the use of the PBX, which will be carri out by a specialist from the service provir. The current configuration of the telephone exchange Any changes to the setts of the fix telephone Qatar Mobile Number List exchange were a nightmare, requir half a day of fight the entire IT partment with a recalcitrant system? Focus PBX virtual PBX configuration pan#el . All user data ma up For the current configuration of the virtual PBX, you do not ne IT specialists who can calmly al with more important matters.

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You can make any changes to the setts

Yourself or legate one of the employees. The configuration panel is simple and is bas on drop-down menus, fields to be fill in, and drag-and-drop BTC Database EU mechanics in case of changes in the IVR menu. And because the entire infrastructure – servers, cables, cool, rooms, fire protection system – is on the si of the service provir, you do not ne to disconnect any cables or call for service. You can make all changes while sitt comfortably in your armchair. Want to learn more about a virtual PBX? Read these articles: How to turn a website visitor into a customer in less than half a minute – webinar. We invite you to a meet with PwC and Focus Telecom Polska experts.

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