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Especially those that do not use multichannel communication and do not have a system customers. Why should every alership consir both? Facebook Messenger in business communication at the alership There are a number of reasons why every alership should strengthen communication with customers through the Facebook Messenger application. One of the most important arguments is the fact that it is an effective tool for acquiring leads and sales. According to research, messages sent by companies via this channel have an open rate of , and the CTR can be as high as . It’s not everything. Other reasons why it is worth investing in this communication channel are In , Facebook had almost billion active users, of which as many as are also users of the Messenger application.

Campaign creation After entering

The Facebook Ads Manager page select “Campaigns” and then click “Create”. The goal and name of the campaign As the goal of the campaign, we choose “News” and then give it an appropriate name. Budget In the next step, we fine the daily budget and Switzerland Phone Numbers List campaign schule. Message sending location By choosing Messenger, we ci where users will be direct. target group In the fifth step, we fine the target group for the creat campaign. The people to whom the ad will be display must be select on the basis of the right premises the success of the campaign pends on it. It is possible use of the Facebook pixel. Optimization and display Optionally, we can set campaign cost control.

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Advertising material The materials

Creat for the nes of the campaign are plac in the following fields It is important that their content clearly informs portal users that we encourage BTC Database EU them to talk to a station employee via Facebook Messenger (not to purchase or perform other actions). Another thing to take care of is the visual aspect of the advertisement the attach materials should catch the eye and encourage further interaction with the alership. Message template The last stage is the configuration of the message template that will be display to users after clicking on the CTA select in the previous step (“Send message”). The recommend template is “Start a Conversation.

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