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It has all the features you ne. And new ones keep com. So it allows you to run your business at the highest level, in accordance with the latest market requirements. Unification As I mention earlier, many systems work together are much more than the sum of their parts. Their combination gives almost unlimit possibilities for automation, monitor or multi-channel communication with the client. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the trends in business communication indicate the sire to close the maximum number of functions in one solution.

Excessive expenses are common

Problem for companies of all sizes, and their ruction requires appropriate tools. Ruc the costs of company telephone calls is possible with the use of a simple function of the virtual exchange: quota limits. Most of the companies we ask about Sri Lanka Mobile Number List telecommunications spend are unable to provi exact numbers. Meanwhile, accord to our – and not only our – estimates, up to of the cost of telephone calls in companies is unnecessary. How to ruce and optimize them? A simple feature that can help you save money is the amount limits. Quota limits – how does it work? The mechanism of the quota limit is extremely simple. Each user of the virtual PBX in your company.

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Authoriz to make outgo calls salesman

Telemarketer customer advisor – may have an individual limit of expenses for telephones. You set it in the administration panel for a given user account or account type ( all “Agent” account holrs). Limits can be both daily and monthly. Thanks to this, you BTC Database EU have a guarantee that a given user will not “go crazy” and will not call an exorbitant bill. The system will not allow it, block outgo connections when the limit is reach. Amount limits will protect against inflat costs The amount limit has the advantage over bill that it works preventively. Even if you check bill and phone bills every month, you will tect excessive costs once they occur and you will be oblig to pay them.

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