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At the same time, it uses information about times of the day when reception is high. Users can specify the number of fail connection attempts in the system. If they are perform and there is no conversation with the customer, the record is automatically clos. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms , the system inpenntly termines the optimal frequency of call on specific days and hours, as well as the dates of recalls to miss numbers. The system “learns” on the basis of two types of statistics shortterm, . how many calls the agents fail to handle within the last hour the call frequency is adjust immiately.

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What times, how many agents are available and what is the time ne for the conversation and its summary (wrapup) for individual agents. The Poland Mobile Number List adjustment occurs within a few days of system startup and its setts are continuously automatically adjust. Prictive dial threats The danger in this dial mo can be as usual lack of supervision. We are glad that the agents are talk all the time, the calls are com to them immiately it’s beautiful. And then sudnly we get a complaint and our number lands in all portals with a negative opinion. What happen? Our prictive was left alone.

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But at the same time the statistics of dropp calls, . those that were answer but there was no free agent and were disconnect, also increas. Effect? complaints. How to protect yourself from such a situation? Observation of reject call statistics. When do BTC Database EU most of them appear? a) after an extend period of poor reception . The algorithm had to spe up, sudnly we have more miss calls. It cannot be stopp right away. If we have a lot of miss calls, we should use the strategies of handl no contact, which we wrote about in previous articles Problems with contact with the customer. What mistakes are you mak and how can you prevent them? and Advanc handl of lack of contact with the customer pend on the possibilities and nes.

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