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Even if you survive, you’ll probably have to cut back on your. Company’s growth plans. catch your breath. “Back off.” During this time, the competition will not wait and will overtake you. Solution? The so-call “blacklist” Morn customer communication management systems, such as Focus Contact Center , have a built-in “blacklist”. Thanks to it, you will not lose potential customers and you will avoid penalties – the system will make sure that no one calls the people on it. A tailor-ma blacklist integrat with the service system is: fewer mistakes – the client says “no”, the consultant ticks the “blacklist” box. easier management – ​​even if you have telemarketing centers in several locations, the list is common.

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Fast and reliable operation – the system itself checks. Whether a given person is on the list. If so, it will not appear in the ringing queue. For consultants, it basically does not exist. flexibility in the approach to the customer – the customer does not want to Find Your Phone Numbers be call with product X, but product Y – oh, that’s very willing? The blacklist can apply to all contacts or only. Select campaigns. Customer service automation – ) SLA escalation SLA (Service Level Agreement) is an agreement fining the rules for providing services to a given client. It scribes, for example, when and how a complaint or failure will be handl.

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Do you remember the example from

The first post ? The VIP client could have written in. The SLA that he would get a response in minutes, meanwhile he wait an hour. Anyone would be upset. The automation of processes in the company thanks to rules comes with help. When a request BTC Database EU from a Very Important Customer is receiv, the system will check whether there is a time limit for. Taking the appropriate action. If so, it will start counting down. If no one takes care of a given case, or if it is “digg” and left, the appropriate automation rule will notify the manager, by SMS or e-mail. If the manager does nothing, the system will put the whole company on its feet – and if you set it up properly, it will even notify the CEO.

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