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Cost cost indicators must be particularly closely relat to the type of campaign and business goals, which is why we only provi examples below Cost per call (CPC) Cost per minute of handle time Absence of consultants – the percentage of days dur the year that were not work due to the absence of consultants (exclud holidays, holidays, etc.) Above, we have present the indicators most often us by our clients to monitor call centers . They allow for a good and sure start and the preparation of their own set of KPIs by novice call center managers. We will help you complete these sets with subsequent entries on the blog. Good luck!Automatic telephone number dial mos allow to significantly increase the efficiency of sales , bt collection or survey activities.

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The dial mo appropriate to the purpose of the campaign. Which one to use preview, prictive or progressive to make your sales or service activities as effective as possible? In the simplest terms, automatic dial saves the agent’s time on Philippines Mobile Number List manually dial consecutive numbers. Instead, the call is initiat by click a given number on the computer screen or automatically after a pretermin time in the system. The basis for automatic dial is hav a computer database of telephone numbers. The dial mos differ the gree of autonomy of the agent in termin which numbers and when.

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The ability to filter out calls with voicemail, miss and busy, the ability to learn” through the system the availability and way of work of individual agents. The difference is also the effectiveness of the mos pend on the complexity of the campaign and the BTC Database EU industry. Preview dial – preview dial The system displays the next record from the database to the agent. The agent cis whether he wants to call the indicat customer or go to the next record and how long (or short) he wants to read the display information about this customer and prepare for the conversation. When the agent is ready, he clicks the phone number on the computer screen.

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