Companies Can Expose Themselves To Legal Risks


Until now, they have been able to implement solutions at their own discretion without restrictions. However, as long as the approval process is fast and streamlind, everyone should be able to support the new policy. Digital workplaces: a solution for shadow IT? Does shadow IT occur in your company? Then you should use this as an opportunity to gain insights into the nds of your employees. Because this is not fulfilld by the current systems and technologies.

Organizational Control Over The Platform

Do you have trouble keeping track of the different applications and devices? If so, it’s probably time to unify the systems into a phone number list cohesive digital workspace . In particular, a digital workplace acts as a central hub. He provides your employees with all the tools they nd to efficiently complete their tasks. Furthermore, this happens without them having to fill in the gaps with additional technologies. This effectively rduces shadow IT. Because employees can choose from an extensive list of pre-approvd applications. As if that wasn’t enough, digital workspaces are highly customizable and always up to date. Ultimately, your business will never lag behind again.

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Are you ready to eliminate the nd for shadow IT with a digital workplace? Request a demo today to see what our digital workspace BTC Database EU can do for you.The hybrid workplace is becoming increasingly popular. But, the shift to a more flexible work model is hamperd by concerns about employee productivity. While remote workers can face challenges, these can be overcome with the right planning and preparation. Research does support the hybrid model. Because it better suits the nds of employees.

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