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May be display once a week or twice a month A specialist who configures advertising campaigns, WHAT IS A LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE? Bas on the source group, FB gives you the opportunity to create a group of similar users The platform has a huge database, thanks to which it can help your company reach perfectly profil recipients Also those who have not had contact with your br so far The specialist who is responsible for the process of both creating the ad  its targeting takes into account only valuable sources Therefore, the source group is often people who have already made a purchase or a group of customers from the data contain in the CRM.

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The quality of the initial audience is of great importance It is not uncommon for experts who set ad audiences to target people who like a Facebook page or who have visit a company website All this to maximize the potential of the advertising Czech Republic Mobile Number List campaign Selection of recipients bas on the source group gives the opportunity to select, among others: sources, location, audience size It is also possible to determine the matching of its resources to similarity There is also a condition that the source group must consist of at least one hundr people from a given country However, the larger this set is, the better the quality of a group of similar people can potentially be.

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Very often it turns out that the selection of similar groups of recipients is the best solution In many cases, it is more effective than creating a target group bas on interests or behavior One cannot forget about the recipients of special advertising RECIPIENTS OF SPECIAL ADVERTISING The recipients of a special advertisement are somewhat similar to BTC Database EU similar people Their setting uses similarities in behavior on the Internet However, there is a clear difference between the audience of a specific ad  the lookalike audience Setting such targeting means that FB does not use information such as age  gender, certain demographic data, certain behaviors  interests This target group selection is especially useful when your company distributes ads from specific categories In this case, you can replace crits.

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