Stop These 13 Practices To Be Successful In Business


There is no magic in business. There is no overnight success. Stop believing that.

All successful people who are uploading evidence of wealth on social media these days have faced difficult & difficult times in life.

They rarely talk about hard times. They only tell stories when they are successful, there are various luxury cars & palace-like bungalows.

Are they having a hard time? No one wants to highlight who he is when he is having a hard time.

Change your habits from now on. Small habits made every day will bring success in the long run.

7. Become a perfectionist
Stop being a perfectionist.

I used to be a perfectionist and it links it to the habit of procrastinating.

Until I read a book in which there is a quote by reid hoffman

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.

This quote changed my perception about being a perfectionist is not an advantage.

It’s a drawback. And it is actually a poison reviews that kills the potential we have and we will miss many opportunities.

Done is better than perfect. – mark zuckerberg

8. Multitasking
At one time, we have many business ideas.

Want to do a, want to do b, want to do c and so on.

We feel we can focus on all three at once with multitasking.

But most people will fail if they start multitasking.

Not only for business ideas. But it includes normal tasks that are done daily. Focus on one task at a time.

Time to prioritize them.

Some people like to control everything

One day we will realize, there are many things out of control.

Focus only on the things we can control.

10. Become mr. Angguk
Stop being a nod sir.

Entrepreneurs need to know when BTC Database EU to nod and when to shake their head.

Don’t give up on all the business opportunities that come your way.

The closer we are to success, the more exciting business opportunities will come.

Keep going with what we believe. Focus is the main key.

11. Bad company/system
Put great people in a terrible system. A bad system will win every day.

Stop being in a bad system.

Go out and find a good system that we can grow and learn from.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Try to figure out what the worst case scenario is if we make that decision and we will find it is not that bad.

12. I want everyone to like us
If you want everyone to like us, don’t be a leader. Be an ice cream seller!

Ever heard?

That is the fact. If you want to succeed, don’t expect everyone to like you.

There will be people who don’t like us even though we have nothing to do with them.

That is normal life. Don’t take it personally.

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