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A narrower more popular meaning of the term contextual advertising is a list of paid advertising tools that search engines provide to site owners. By the principle of operation these tools are very similar. Key featurescontextual advertising Payment for the receiv measurable result – click through the ad. High return spe. Ad impressions begin immiately after the launch of the campaign. Ability to select a target group of Internet users for interaction. Easily track key performance metrics measure profitability. The perception of ads by Internet users as advertising which is why they are often subject to the effect of banner blindness. It is also worth noting that search advertising is not available for every type of product. Search engines limit.

The possibility of promoting pharmaceuticals

Mical products alcohol tobacco products weapons + products as well as various illegal products. Contextual advertising for an online store is divid into three types search engine; advertising in the CMS; retargeting. We will talk more about each of them Tunisia Phone Number List further. Search advertising Surely you have notic more than once in the search results ads with the inscription advertising which were plac at the very beginning of the issue page. This is search advertising. You can set up impressions on Google using the Google Adwords service. Search ads look like this Search advertising Impressions in the search occur for select queries which allows you to attract only interest traffic.

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For example the user enters into the search

Buy a microwave City” the first among the results sees a link to the corresponding page of your online store of household appliances. When setting up a search advertising campaign it is worth considering a lot of subtleties. For example the types of queries BTC Database EU that users enter. You can get the most valuable traffic for commercial requests. They contain the words buy order price cost etc. expressing a clear intention to make a purchase. But the competition for commercial keys is higher. When setting up impressions you should exclude negative keywords that lead to inappropriate traffic BU do-it-yourself etc. Also work out the queries for which you have a high position in organic search.

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