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Velocity the ne for quick analysis – obtain answers from the collect data . Variety – different types of data – structur and unstructur. Cloud over Big Data Big. Data is a mand technology in every respect.The most important of the requirements relate to a wi spectrum of technologies. Skills and investments, access to a large amount of data outsi our systems and to various types of services or applications. And here are the key questions for people interest in this technology. Do we have the right resources to meet Big Data technological requirements? If it requires access to a large amount of data outsi our systems, does it make sense to filter and move this data to internal resources.

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That can be obtain from the collect data, instead of manag it yourself. These questions already suggest an environment in which Big Data can velop very favorably. Which is cloud comput. Cloud comput is primarily mia, data sets and applications . This technology. Thanks to its great flexibility, allows you to collect data that does not burn the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List user. For this reason, it is worth consir when look for an ial environment for build and creat Big Data. In the next posts, I will velop the topic of technologies and techniques us in Big Data. More about Big Data on the computerword website . An ally in business – virtualization If we were tempt to prepare a rank of the hottest IT passwords of the pass year – virtualization would finitely be at the forefront.

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Process data and the grow mand for comput power. Disk space and bandwidth of Internet connections – its role and importance in business are becom more and more important. Learn more about cloud solutions – contact experts Virtualization that is BTC Database EU The concept of. Virtualization can be explain as “achiev a logical resource by abstract physical resources”, but this finition is completely incomprehensible to people not relat to IT. It is easier to unrstand virtualization bas on the example of its use in the company. Virtualization is associat with runn a certain number of programs on a smaller number of servers (even on one) compar to non-virtualiz implementations.

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