Generation and sell through multiple channels


In orr to meet these principles , multi-channel communication platforms and CRMs coupl with them are ne . The bar in terms of customer service is rais by international giants such as Amazon and eBay. They use the most velop technologies that minimize the effort that the client must put in to obtain all the necessary information and get immiate answers to their questions. The lack of tools to facilitate proper customer service . is one of the main reasons for the collapse of many Polish online stores. According to the ThinkPaga report, nearly % of Polish e-shops remain on the market for only two years . How will new generation customers change Polish e-commerce? The dissemination of customer service standards.

The final end of e-businesses still operating

According to the rules from the late s – we are starting with a website and it will be okay. In orr to meet customer expectations, it is necessary to use more and more advanc solutions in the field of Business Automation & Communication – appropriate sales platforms, integration of communication channels or organization of customer inquiries. Tomasz Canada Mobile Number List Paprocki, director of corporate sales at Focus Telecom Polska: Most Polish e-shops have insufficiently velop customer service systems, and for this reason they lose customers . Store owners are worri about too low conversion, but at the same time they are not taking effective actions that would make the customer want to return to their store and recommend it to friends . And the concept of loyalty is alien to the customer.

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If any element of service does not satisfy him

Immiately goes to the competition without hesitation, and also quite willingly shares negative opinions about the store on Facebook or Twitter, discouraging further potential buyers. Generation Y will soon enter a stable middle age, in a dozen or so BTC Database EU years the customers of generation Z will also grow up. The next generation will come – as it should be expect, even more manding of salespeople. Those of today’s operating stores that want to survive until then must quickly adapt their service standards to the expectations of . customers.Only in customers of insurance companies in Poland is satisfi with the service.

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