Selling is a process & not an accident

We used to think that sales were a coincidence .

With facebook ads, we can target an audience that happens to need the products we sell and boom!, sales happen.

In reality, only a very small percentage of sales happen by chance.

If we want more sales, we must understand the processes involved before a sale occurs.

It’s called customer journey marketing (there are lots of other terms out there but the concept is the same).

In this post, I will explain how we can use this knowledge of the sales process into facebook ads for ecommerce business.

To understand it we need to use a diagram called marketing funnel

Imagine there is a new grocery store in our neighborhood. The store is called kedai runcit rakyat (krr).

When it first opened, all residents of the neighborhood were in the top of the funnel for krr.

Then krr started distributing flyers to telemarketing leads for sale the residents after friday prayers at the mosque in the area. The flyers contain copywriting that introduces krr, mr. Krr, the krr location map and the products sold at krr.

A number of residents who read the flyers are now in the middle of the funnel for krr.

There are residents who started visiting krr immediately after that.

They see the products being sold and see the prices displayed

They also took the opportunity to chat and get to know krr owners and krr employees.

This group can now be categorized in the bottom of the funnel for krr.

For this situation, which group seems to have the highest tendency to buy at krr?

I’m sure you can guess the answer.

Top of the funnel (tofu)
Usually at this stage, the audience still doesn’t know our product and our business. The audience at this stage is also known as the cold prospect .

With facebook ads, we can identify this audience by filtering it using interest targeting & audience lookalike .

At this level, ads that are suitable for the audience use engagement objectives in the form of content, branding & awareness or can also use content in the form of videos.

Is it possible to hardsell to cold prospects


From my experience, yes, there are sales. But usually the cost to get sales is expensive for the audience in this category.

Make sure that when we target the audience at this stage, don’t forget to exclude other audiences.

Contoh : guna interest targeting untuk content video – exclude customer custom audience , exclude audience hot prospect, excludeaudience warm prospect.

Middle of the funnel (mofu)
At this intermediate stage, the audience BTC Database EU usually already knows and likes our product & business but has not yet shown signs of trying and has not yet become a customer. Audience at this stage is known as warm prospect.

With facebook ads, I usually categorize all audiences who have liked a fan page, have engaged with a fan page, have viewed a video, have subscribed to an email, and have browsed a website as warm prospects.

Then we can create a custom audience for all the above audiences one by one.

The recommended facebook ads for warm prospects are usually in the form of soft selling, offer (coupon) & hard selling (if there is an irresistible offer).

As usual, when advertising to warm prospects, don’t forget to exclude other audiences.

Contoh : target warm prospect untuk content story telling customer success story selepas pakai produk – exclude audience cold prospect, exclude audience hot prospect, exclude customer.


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