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Effective sales pend mainly on efficient communication with the client. In addition to the skills and experience of sales partment employees, the tools us by. Sellers play a key role here. Appropriate communication tools are able to solve the most popular and at the same time the most press problems and increase sales efficiency. Problems that block effective sales: Low callback rate, high cost of acquir customers. No possibility to monitor and compare the results of the sellers’ work. There is no possibility to use complete customer data already acquir. The ne to fight for customer loyalty . How can these problems be solv? A platform for multi-channel communication with the client means effective sales.

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Of communication seal the flow of data and a number of morn facilities that facilitate the work of agents . These tools are: multi-channel (possibility of handl new communication channels and integration of data obtain from them, a central database Lebanon Mobile Number List available to sellers (it can also be an integration of the. Communication platform with the CRM system us so far , automation of sales processes. Monitor the work of sellers systemically and by record calls, a mobile application that allows you to monitor remote work and use. The platform remotely, call queu and recalls – not to alienate and lose potential customers, reports.

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Center platform Features of a good contact center system that work for effective sales: automatic call mos: prictive, half progressive, progressive , multi-channel (telephone, fax mail, mail, chat, sms, , SiteCall , mobile application), base management BTC Database EU in a sales campaign, multi-campaign with the option of prioritiz select campaigns, interactive script, voicemail tection. What can we achieve with it? A well-function platform for multi-channel communication with the client will increase the effectiveness of sales campaigns and increase the number of sales opportunities.

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