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My experience with clients, which are call center outsourc companies, but also representatives of inpennt industries, shows that the implementation of a new system must entail serious changes in the way of management . In return, it gives a lot, because it translates into real profits .” Professionalization. Project unr control In the dynamically chang market, there is already a great advantage of services relat to the cloud , and not traditional telecommunications networks. Cloud solutions are distuish primarily by the possibility of flexible configuration and scalability to each business, so they do not generate inaquate costs . They are also adapt to morn data security requirements.

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Center services gives full control over projects through transparent management of agents – enables settlement of partments’ work bas on reports, economizes the work of agents by queu requests from many channels ( e-mail, phone, chat, SMS, website Bulgaria Mobile Number List applications such as SiteCall ), automates select processes, enables efficient implementation of inbound and outbound campaigns and work in multiple campaign mo. Expert analysis and support Accord to the Presint of Focus Telecom, the basis for successful system implementation is prior analysis and obtain expert advice . Reliable analysis of the company before implementation can increase profits by.

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The nes of the company. An investment in a good system pays off quickly. In companies that ci to implement such an implementation, the dial capacity increases by as much as – % , the efficiency of consultants’ work increases by % , and retention BTC Database EU improves. The best tools on the market also have a choice of integrat applications that support sales . Before mak a cision, it is worth check the references of the system supplier, its experience , location , verify the quality-price ratio of the product and prepar for major changes. Cezary Małuj Presint of the Management Board at Focus Telecom Polska Expert in the field of ICT infrastructure and build telecommunications systems in enterprises.

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