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In every office serv at least a dozen or so stinations, it is worth focus on consultants’ specializations that enable fully professional service. And again, morn communication platforms, such as Focus Contact Center , come to the rescue, which on the one hand allow you to intify numbers and direct calls to consultants appropriate due to their knowlge or previous contact with a given client, and on the other hand they have a friendly and non-irritat voice announcement system . The software for the tourism industry also offers a hint function – if the consultant does not have enough knowlge on a given topic or is not authoriz to inpenntly ci on the price, he can consult his supervisor or more experienc colleagues without interrupt the conversation with the client.

Customers expect that contact with

Travel agency will be a foretaste of vacation for them. If it turns out to be even a little difficult, they will start check the competition’s offers without hesitation. It is therefore worth tak care of the quality of communication in the office from the Ireland Mobile Number List first contact with the client.The increase in the number of customers and the relat increas number of cases com to the Customer Service Office of Focus Telecom Polska requir a solution to facilitate and organize the work of the service office. Since in we were just finish work on the customer service system – Focus sk – we cid to test it on ourselves Here is a case study summariz a year of work with the system in our customer service office.

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Focus Telecom Polska currently

Serves approximately , customers, and this number is constantly grow. This means an increas burn on the Customer Service Office. This can be seen from the receiv applications: in there were % more of them than in the previous year; in there BTC Database EU was a further % increase; in the first quarter of we record almost as many applications as in the three quarters of . CUSTOMER SERVICE – A BUSINESS CHALLENGE limit customers to two communication channels – telephone and e-mail; miss requests; exce the adlines for the implementation of applications; no orr of customer reports – no possibility to combine them; no possibility of report, ignorance of BOK work statistics; limit control of consultants’ work; difficult internal communication.

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